Grizzlies Trail Mix: A Healthy, Handmade Snack On or Off the Trail

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Wholesome, handmade trail mixes make a great snack for kids or adults anytime Well-balanced and well-rounded, trail mixes have long been a favorite of outdoors enthusiasts, but they’re a great snack idea anytime—on the trail, at home, at school, or on the go. The best trail mixes offer just the right ratio of salty and sweet, crunchy and chewy, and of course, a natural energy boost.. At Grizzlies, our trail mix recipes have been carefully crafted for a delightful combination of flavors, as well as the right balance of nutrients. Handmade-to-order, our gourmet trail mix is fresh, wholesome, and infused with everything we stand for here at Grizzlies. Our highly-trained and passionate staff are dedicated to quality and taste above all else. And you can taste the difference. A favorite among adults, our trail mix doubles as a healthy snack that kids love.

This isn’t your teenaged babysitter’s gorp trail mix; Grizzlies trail mixes incorporate some of the highest quality, regionally-sourced ingredients from Oregon grown hazelnuts to California almonds, raw, organic fruits, and seeds. Various nut varieties including walnuts and cashews add some extra crunch, and cranberries, raisins, chocolate chips, and carob chips are sweet morsels, complementing the salty flavors perfectly.

A Taste of Oregon

What do these trail mixes have in common? Oregon grown hazelnuts. One of our recipes is so representative of our beloved home state that we had to put “Oregon” in the name: our Organic Oregon Trail Mix, also available in a conventional version. Our top-selling trail mix, the Organic Oregon Trail mix features iconic Oregon hazelnuts, of course, in addition to almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, chocolate chips, unsulphured apricots, and cranberries. One crunch will transport you to the ridgetop of the Cascades, the Pacific Crest Trail beneath your boots.

Oregon grown hazelnuts also star in our conventional and Organic Applenut Mix, and our Cherub Almond Trail Mix. A fall favorite, pack the kids’ lunches with the Applenut mix—but don’t forget to set some aside for yourself! Carob chips and sour bing cherries give our Cherub Almond Trail Mix just the right the right zing, while satisfying the sweet tooth. Our no-salt-added, 100% fruit and nut Organic Nectarine Nut Mix doesn’t disappoint with its wholesome, natural flavor. Whether you like your Oregon hazelnuts with seeds, fruits, deliciously balanced with other nuts, or sweetened with chocolate or carob chips, you’ll crave the homegrown, handmade flavor of our trail mixes.

Salty & Spicy

If you enjoy savory—or spicy!—snacks, one of the trail mixes in the Salty & Spicy category is sure to delight. Adventurous eaters will love our Curry Cashew Trail Mix and its organic counterpart. A unique combination of curry-spiced, salty cashews, other nuts, seeds and dried fruits—we’d wager that you’ve never tasted a trail mix like this before. Those who want to skip the sweet altogether might find a favorite snack in the Organic Spicy Nut Mix. Or if a classic, understated flavor is what you’re looking for, try satisfying that craving with the Organic Salted Nut Mix.

Wholesome Classic Taste

Health nuts (pun intended) love our wholesome, organic, natural trail mixes. No artificial flavors or ingredients here! If you’re new to our trail mixes, try our take on the classic recipe: our All Organic Trail Mix. With a tropical flavor and raw, organic ingredients, the Organic Raw Fruit and Nut Mix is health food unlike anything you’ve tasted before and the Seventh Heaven Organic Trail Mix is, well, heavenly. But don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself.

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