Grizzlies Granola: A Wholesome Treat for Breakfast, A Snack, or Anytime

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Aunt Ginger's Snappy Granola

Real, Honest Granola

Every bite of Grizzlies Granola—every crunch—satisfies with its wholesome, handmade goodness. For a healthy breakfast or a snack idea for both kids and adults, granola is a classic favorite. Whether you’ve just rolled out of bed to greet the day, or you’re watching the sunset on the trail after a long trek, granola does more than satisfy hunger, it tastes great and leaves you feeling nourished, not just full.

Great taste, a combination of classic and uncommon flavors, and meticulously-developed recipes don’t hurt either. Our innovative recipes taste like an indulgence, but feel like a power food. Made from whole foods and the best locally and regionally-sourced ingredients available, your body and conscience will thank you for choosing real, honest Grizzlies Granola.

When We Say Real, Handmade Food, We Mean It

Each small batch of Grizzlies Handmade Granola is made to order by the hardworking hands of our staff. When orders come in, our warehouse located in Eugene, Oregon hums with energy as we get to work with spatulas, mixing bowls, and classic, tried-and-true cooking methods. There are no stacks of pre-made product in our warehouse.

Raw, whole, organic, natural, local—these are the kinds of ingredients you’ll find in Grizzlies Granola. What you won’t find are GMOs, processed sugars or grains, preservatives, trans fats, animal products, or hydrogenated oils. You won’t find any multi-syllabic, unpronounceable laboratory terms on our labels. When you indulge your craving for granola with Grizzlies Handmade Granola, you can rest assured that you’re getting a fresh, real, top-quality food.

Meet the Granolas

Your Auntie’s Family Recipe

If you’ve ever had a favorite aunt, you’ll remember how much fun it was to be spoiled by her. That’s kind of what it’s like to eat our “Aunt” recipes. At Grizzlies, our Aunt Ginger and Aunt Maple each bring a different flavor to the table, but we love them both equally. With pep and zing, Aunt Ginger's Snappy Granola is comfort food with personality. It’s also our top-selling granola with snappy ginger, chunky cashews and almonds, cinnamon, and more. To satisfy your good, old-fashioned sweet tooth, Aunt Maple's Crunchy Granola will do the trick. The cozy maple flavor warms you from the inside, like sitting next to a wood stove in a log cabin. Both of these classic, soul food granolas have the taste of a closely-guarded, secret family recipe.

The Gatherer’s Delight: Nuts & Berries

Whether you’re a paleo enthusiast or you just love nuts and berries, our modern take on these ancient foods is sure to please. With crunchy, appetite-satisfying nuts, sweet fruit morsels, and accents of vanilla, cinnamon, honey, and other spices, this category is flush with delightfully addictive granolas that will fill you up and boost your energy. Fruit lovers, check out our Black-N-Blueberry Granola and Cherry Pecan Crunchy Granola. For some extra crunch and spice try the Cardamom Pistachio Crunchy Granola or the Cinnamon Nut Granola. For that not too sweet, not too spicy, Goldilocks-like perfection, the Vanilla Macadamia Nut Granola might strike your fancy.

For the Health Conscious: An Extra Dose of Goodness

At Grizzlies, we’re excited to see our community and people nationwide gaining new appreciation for eating healthfully. By sourcing whole, natural, unprocessed, locally- and regionally-sourced ingredients, we strive to deliver a product that is fresh, healthy for our customers, and healthy for communities. Our Divinely Organic Granola and Organic Calypso Crunch are sure to become a favorite of the environmentally-aware and health-conscious granola purist. If you are also cutting down on fat intake, we have three fabulous lowfat and organic options: our Lowfat Organic Berry Granola, Lowfat Organic Cranberry Granola, and Lowfat Organic Plain Granola. Also try our Gluten Free Cinnamon Nut Granola for a wheat-free option.

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