Waking Up the Right Way: Hot and Cold Breakfast Cereals

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Organic Swiss Muesli A healthy breakfast of muesli or a steaming bowl of porridge is just thing to get your day off to a great start. Rolled oats, the finest dried fruits, crunchy, hearty nuts, raw seeds, accents of cinnamon, and more—the ingredients in our cereals are natural, whole, unprocessed and locally or regionally-sourced when possible. However you prefer your breakfast, we have a cereal for you; from hot, “just right” porridge and oatmeal to mueslis that can be prepared warm or cold.

Whichever Grizzlies porridge or muesli becomes your favorite, with every bowl, you’ll feel great knowing you’re getting a fresh, healthy, and authentic product. This is real, honest food—neither a hydrogenated oil, nor a preservative will you find on our labels. Handmade in our funky town of Eugene, Oregon, each batch is made to order by our hard-working and highly-trained staff. Our cereals and other products don’t spend months gathering dust on shelves, preserved by chemicals never intended to nourish our bodies. No conveyer belts, no mass production—just a group of enthusiastic people armed with spatulas and a passion for whole, healthy foods.

“Just Right” Porridge & Oatmeal

Some call it Oatmeal, some call it hot cereal; for us, Porridge has that “just right” feel when it comes to these breakfast cereals that are best served hot from the stovetop. Porridge isn’t just for bears and a girl named Goldilocks; with whimsy, nourishing whole foods, and bursts of flavor, porridge is the comfort food you crave on cool mornings. Loaded with fruits, nuts, and conscientious organic ingredients, our Organic Harvest Porridge is a fall favorite, but you’ll find yourself craving it all year long. Papas Porridge, a hearty bowl of deliciousness, will fill you up and keep you feeling satisfied well into your morning. Begin your day with our aromatic Peach Porridge Hot and you’ll feel healthy, refreshed, and ready for the world. A steaming bowl of Grizzlies Porridge is just the thing to warm you up and prepare you for the day.

Old World Swiss Style Muesli

Invented in Switzerland around the year 1900, muesli was initially intended as a treatment for recovering hospital patients. A health food since its inception, muesli’s mix of grains, fruits, and nuts, just feels healthy, with an out of this world taste. It’s the perfect mix of comforting and nutritious; just like your Oma ("grandmother" in German) would make. For the traditional “just like Oma’s” muesli, try our Organic Swiss Muesli, which can be served either hot or cold. (Tip for serving cold: Mix in honey and yogurt, or use as an ice cream topping). Our bestselling product by far, our Organic Swiss Muesli has become a family staple. A conventional option is also available: our Swiss Style Muesli. For a modern take on muesli, try the naturally sweet Organic Wildberry Meusli or the served-hot Cranberry Couscous Crunch Muesli.

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